Friday, April 5, 2013

Camelot Unchained: A World of Possibilities

There is a unique opportunity to be one of the founders of what promises to be a fantastic MMO, at least for those of us that want something in a similar vein to DAoC. What is the MMO, you ask? Well, it's under a temporary title of Camelot Unchained and is currently trying to get funding on Kickstarter. The link, as you can see, is at the bottom of the page.

It is going to be a Tri-realm, RvR based game. It should make PvP much more interesting then it is in games like World of Warcraft where you are confined to only two factions and primarily in instanced battlegrounds. RvR has a larger effect on the world around it, and many of the statements made by Mark Jacobs and the other wonderful people over at City State Entertainment lead us to believe that we are going to be able to have a much larger impact on the world then even in other RvR based games before.

You can find more information over at their CU website, and on the kickstarter page. We need as many people to pledge as possible so that we can get this awesome game made. There are also links on their website to the unofficial forums they have set up at Reddit and MMORPG, so that you can see what some of the backers are saying, or even help to support some things that backers are trying to see implemented should you decide to become a backer as well.

There may not be an official game play video yet, but there is a lot of very interesting information. What the developers are striving to do is truly innovative. That's something MMOs have been lacking. There have been some minor innovations that have made things interesting, but nothing that is really game changing. We have an opportunity to help make these innovations in this genre of gaming a reality.

Also, if you are a role player, or if you wish to help support us, please post on either of my threads to help get us a dedicated rp server. As I've stated before, I know I'm starting early. It's better to start early and make sure the developers know what we want, then wait until it's to late to make our wishes know. Backers have to show that this is something they want. The links are below.

My thread on the CU Reddit forums.

My thread on the CU MMORPG forums.

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