Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Frustration Continues

Don't worry about the name of this blog. It's not really all that frustrating. I'm annoyed that I didn't get my deads again, but I will next time. Unfortunately, one of my calluses came off after my 3rd pull and I had to stop. I didn't have any medical tape on me to wrap it with, and the pressure on it was just to much. I have tape now, though, so I have no doubt that I'll get it next time.

I made my squats at 215lbs, though. I have a bit of a funny story with that however. I went to low on one of them, and wasn't able to stand back up. I ended up having to bail on the weights so it made a lot of noise when they fell off the bar. The guy in the rack next to me helped when he realized that was going on, and two of the employees at the YMCA came down to make sure I was okay. I thought it was pretty funny, though.

The employees suggested that I use the clips, but since I was working alone that wasn't an option. Both I and the guy that helped me explained that since I was working along I -had- to have the option to drop the weight if I needed to. Otherwise I would have been trapped under that bar until I could get someones attention.

I ended up doing that set again and finishing it, though. I haven't decided if I will go up next time or not since I did have that mishap. We shall see Saturday. I also missed my overhead press, so I'm going to drop some of the weight from that. I am not excited about it, but sometimes there is no choice. As long as I am, in general, making forward progression then I'm happy.

Today, unfortunately, we will not be going to train. There are a couple of reasons for this and they both stem from various parts being in a bit more pain then they should be. We're going to take the extra day to rest and recover. It shouldn't be an issue for us to get in there Saturday, though.

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