Thursday, March 28, 2013

Rampant Transphobia

One thing that I want to cover is what the HRC had done recently. When you are supposedly advocating for the equal rights of the LGBT community, then you really should include all parts of said community. Asking that the Transgender flag be taken down during a rally for equal marriage rights under the pretense that it doesn't affect Transgender people is a flimsy excuse at best. I agree with Transition Transmission that the HRC owes the Transgender community an apology.

Of course, I suppose this shouldn't be much of a surprise. the HRC often seems to exclude the T from the LGBT community when it comes to 'advocating' for their rights. This really needs to stop. All humans deserve the same rights. All humans deserve to marry whoever they wish to marry. It doesn't matter if they are the same sex or not. It doesn't matter if one or both parties are Transgender. If you are going to advocate for one of them, you need to advocate for all of them.

To make things worse the new Arizona Bill actually puts transwomen in danger. Even if they have considered this they clearly do not care. Discomfort of someone that is 'normal' in their eyes is more important then the safety of someone that is not. That's really all it seems to boil down to from an outsiders perspective.

Then there is this gem; "I don't believe that the opposing side should be able to impost their views on others," said Nohl Rosen, a Phoenix small business owner. "The way I feel, this is just the liberal left forcing their views on the rest of us." Someone doesn't seem to understand that everything they just stated actually applies to what they just said. Especially if you were to replace liberal left with conservative right.

It seems that for every step forward we take two back socially. One day we may see healthy changes in our laws, and our politicians views. I doubt that will be any time soon, though.

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