Sunday, September 15, 2013

A Couple Days

So, somewhere along the lines I forgot to make a post for what I did on the 12th. So this post will be including two days worth of training again. This past week I thought was a deload will, but it's been a Volume week. Next week we get to deload a bit. So that will be a nice change of pace.

Anyway, there's not a whole lot to talk about. I did some thing that surprised me a bit. Some of my lifts are stronger then I thought they would have been. Since there isn't much to talk about, and I'm currently thinking about doing nothing more then passing out, I'm just going to keep it short.

I will say that my dead lifts are suppose to be a 5 rep max. They way you warm up for this, though, on our current training is that everything you do up to your 5 rep max are all 5 reps. I was able to do 245 for 2 reps this way. So between the way you warm up, and the fact that our bar is a bit heavier then the one we used at the gym, I just couldn't pull what I normally would. I'm disappointed about that, but it will get better.

Anyway, here are the numbers.



Sumo Stand Romanian Deadlifts:

Car Push:
5 times for 90 second intervals. I don't know how far I pushed it exactly, but I pushed it as far as I could in that time.

Box Jumps:
3 sets of 10

Sandbag Squats:

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