Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Event Day and More!

I have a couple of days to post for. I would have posted before now, but there was a hiccup in the internet that sort of interfered with the wireless on my desktop. It's all better now, though! So, I'll be talking a bit about the fun we've had over the past couple of training days.

This week is a all about volume! So it's a lot of stuff at high reps. Before that, though, on Saturday I had to do more stuff with the sandbag and what have you. Everything that we did that day was timed, though, so we could only do so much at our max weight.

So, the sandbag work and such was fun. We also scored a couple metal 45 lbs plates for fairly cheap. Well, a heck of a lot cheaper then you would be able to get them for new. I guess there isn't much to talk about aside from explaining what one of the things I did on Saturday consisted of.

I had to do something called bar walkouts. This is where you just stand with the bar on your shoulder for a set amount of time and increase the weight until you reach your max. It sounds a lot easier then it is. To me it's easier to squat 200 pounds then it is to just stand with it for half a minute.

Everything else I did was pretty straight forward I think. The sand bag to shoulder was where I had to pick it up off the ground and bring it up to my shoulder, alternating between them. That was pretty fun, though I did a little worse on it this time then I did last time I think.

Right, so on to the numbers. I was suppose to do decline bench for one of them, but we don't have a decline so I just did a normal bench. Oh, and I was suppose to do Farmers Deads for time, but since we don't have farmers handles I had to do regular deadlifts for time. I did the two sets at different numbers because I thought I would get more reps if I dropped from the 225. I didn't get more, but it was probably still the best call.

Anyway, on to the numbers now!!!

Bar Walkouts:
312.5 for 30 seconds.

Timed Deadlifts for 1 minute intervals:

Sandbag to Shoulder for 1 minute intervals:

Overhead Press:

Close Grip Bench:

Seated Overhead Press:

Bench Press:

*Note: I was suppose to do eight on those. However, instead of posting the next one down that I did reach eight on, I decided that I would just post the final set. I got very close to reaching the 8th rep on both of the overhead presses, and I'm still proud of getting that many reps for those weights, even if it wasn't the full eight that I was suppose to do.

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