Saturday, June 15, 2013

An Extra Rest Day

I know I didn't update yesterday, like I normally would, but that's okay. I opted not to train today, since my back is doing so well, so that I can start on the Strong Woman training on Monday. I think the extra day of rest will do me a lot of good, and that I'll be ready to take on the training then.

We went to a different YMCA on Thursday because it had the bumper plates that my husband needed for his training. It was interesting, it had better equipment, but not as many areas to train in. At least, not for the type of training that I generally engage in. Still, it was nice. There weren't a lot of people interested in using the squat rack. I did have to ask a lady that was doing aerobic style stuff to move so that I could do my front squats.

We met a gentleman there that was doing some strength training as well. He said, circuitously, that I was the strongest woman he's seen in person. It started off with a comment about the amount that I could front squat. Now, I keep making an error with my warm ups for my front squats that has me doing 185 pounds, but my work sets haven't even gotten to that point yet. I can do it, but it's still a bit high to do for reps.

It's not that big of a surprise, though, that I'm the strongest woman most people have seen in this area. Not many women actually strength train. I've seen a few other women doing barbell work, but none of them have been able to pull the numbers that I can. Honestly, though, I hope to see more working on gaining strength. It's a fun sport, and my body is changing so much faster then it did with anything else. I realize that may not be true for everyone, but if I get even one more woman to strength train then I'll be happy.

Anyway, I guess I'm at that point where I post my numbers. I'm proud of how things went this time. My dead lifts still did not progress, which isn't a surprise. However, with all the work I've done on my back and shoulders, I was finally able to break through the minor wall I had with the overhead press. My back, also, didn't start hurting until my last two attempts to pull my dead lifts. That's a huge victory. Usually I would of had to sit down a couple of times by that point.

Right, no more delaying though. I've only got two sets to post, but I'm happy with both of them. Now, on to the numbers!

Front Squats: 160x2x8
Overhead Press: 82.5x2x8

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