Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Some Surprising Results

So, during my training this week there were some interesting and surprising results. The most surprising of which is a rather large jump in the amount that I can bench press. I was a bit surprised in a couple of other sets, but none of them were as drastic as that.

Now, for a few weeks I was doing sets of two for my bench press. This allowed me to push more weight then I could with 5 reps. Well, the Strong Woman training I'm doing uses 5 reps for that. On Monday I had to do that. I made it to 115 pounds. Previously, when I did 5 reps on the bench, I was only able to get to 80 pounds. That is a huge jump in only a week of this new training.

My Front squats were also high then what I did with my 2 rep sets. I got to 165 pounds with those. The last time I did two reps it was only 160 pounds. I also had to do a different type of dead lift then I normally do. It's more difficult and requires that you use straps, which I hate. I got over 200 pounds with that, though, so I was happy.

There are more things I had to do, but I'm only going to give out bits here and there to show that there is progress. So far, though, I'm very happy with how this training is going. It's hard, but it's worth it. Of course, most things that are worth doing are difficult.

Anyway, thank you for reading again!

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