Thursday, June 6, 2013

The New Training Begins!

So, I've had two days of my Strong Woman training now. Today will be the third. I can't really give a lot of details about what I'm doing, though, because the training is proprietary. I'll give you information on my numbers here and there as best I can though.

This week isn't really about progression, though, it's about finding what my working numbers for this training is. Monday was a couple of overhead lifts, and I did better on both of them then I had thought. Yesterday was squats and a type of dead lift that I hadn't done before. With the squats I was able to go up to 225 pounds, so that's good. I made progress even though it wasn't necessary for me to.

The dead lifts, because they are so different from what I've done before, were quite a bit lower then the ones you all saw in the video I posted. They are a lot of fun, though. Unfortunately, as I said, I can't really go into to much detail on what it is I've been doing. I'll keep you posted on the normal moves you see, though, whenever I make progress in them.

I think that this training is going to be a lot of help. There is a lot of variety that's going to be working muscles that were largely ignored with the linear training that I was doing. For example, there wasn't enough upper back work, and my upper back is weak compared to my legs and lower back. I can't wait to see wait to see just how far this training will take me.

Anyway, I know there isn't a lot here to go off of. I do appreciate you reading this, though.

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