Friday, May 31, 2013

An Annoying Day of Training

Well, as the title says, I had a rather annoying day of training yesterday. So annoying, in fact, that it took yesterday and today for me to complete. Now, this is because the YMCA has a daycare that closes at a very specific time. Not only that, you can only leave your child in the day care for 2 hours. So, I ended up meeting with some time constraints.

Now, my training normally takes about an hour and a half on average, it's rare that the time constraints are an issue. Yesterday, though, I actually ran out of time. I was only able to do two of my lifts before we had to leave. I had to go to the gym today and finish them, because it wasn't even my inability to do them that prevented me from finishing.

I described some of the changes happening with my stomach in my last blog. Well, those changes have caused my stomach to be temporarily thicker then it was. So, now my weight belt doesn't fit right. Every time I went down on my squats, the belt popped off. It was so distracting that I would hesitate for to long at the bottom, and lose my momentum, so I wouldn't be able to get back up. I drained a lot of my energy having to bail on the weights, and a lot of time. I managed to do three sets before I realized that I just didn't have time for it.

When it came time for me to do my weighted sit ups, I just didn't have time for it. So, it was a pretty frustrating day. I was angry, and annoyed, but I went back in there today and finished my sets. I just had to take one of the belts the YMCA has. Unfortunately, they only have one good belt. Hopefully I'll manage to get that belt whenever I need it for my lifts.

Now, on my squats I did manage to do two sets at 225 pounds before I had to drop the weight down to 220 pounds. Looks like both my Dead Lifts and Back Squats are down to 5 pound jumps. That's alright, though, it's still progression. So, without further ado, here are my numbers:

Squats: 220x2x8
Bench: 120x2x8
Row: 100x5x3
Weighted Sit Ups: 35x5x3

Oh, you will see that my weighted sit ups dropped to 35 pounds. Apparently the lack of proper support on my feet was not the only issue I was having. I'll get it back up there soon, though. I may have to do this amount again, though, before I increase the weight.

Also, I was able to coach a lady to do back squats, though she didn't add any weight to it. At least I managed to keep her from using the Smith Machine. When she picked the bar up with her hands she said that it was to heavy. I convinced her that it wouldn't feel as heavy when she put it across her shoulders, though, and so she tried it and did a couple of sets before she moved on to something else. She even thanked me when we left, which was nice.

Thank you again for reading!

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