Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Need for Hand Care

Hand care while doing any heavy lifting of any sort with your hands is extremely important. It's important to make sure that calluses don't grow to large, and that you keep your hands properly moisturized. These are things that I have neglected and, on two occasions now, has come back to bite me in the rear. Both of these times were during dead lifts.

Twice, now, I have torn a callus on my hand. Actually, it's been calluses in the exact same place on the same hand. Both times it's been on my second to last pull that I've done it. This time, however, I worked through the pain and pulled the last one anyway. So, I'm fairly happy with that. I mean, I wont get to stop if I'm competing. Not if I want to place, at least.

I also made a rather grave error when doing my front squats. I was looking at the numbers for my back squats and ended up warming up for more then my actual set was. I did 185 lbs twice. It did not, however, have an adverse effect on what my actual work sets were, so I'm happy about it. It also shows just how crazy strong my legs are since I could make an error like that and still do my work sets.

A gentleman also asked if I was going to shame him while I was doing my dead lifts. All I could say was that I was about to pull 260, and I'm fairly sure he said that I was shaming him. He was doing 270 or 275, I don't remember. Unfortunately, I was only able to pull the 260 twice before I had to drop down to 255.

Anyway, I've got a few videos to go along with my numbers. I've had a few people asking for it, so here you go. The videos only show one set each, and the dead lift video actually only shows one rep of the 260 lbs. Well, one and a half. I had to bail on the weights the second time I pulled because I did something wrong. The only video you wont see if of the Lat Pull Downs. Once I'm able to do pull ups I'll likely include those.

I will say that I hate how weight belts make my stomach look, but they are highly necessary. In reality, I should be using a weight belt for my dead lifts, but every time I try to it messes me up. Eventually, I wont have a choice. For now, though, I've been able to pull without them. I'll go as long as I can before I start trying to figure out how to do them with the belt.

Front Squats: 145x2x8

Overhead Press: 80x2x8

Dead Lift: 255x5x1

Lat Pull Downs: 100x5x3

I do also want to add, as a final thought, that there are more changes happening with my stomach. Some of you know of the issues I've had since my son was born. Well, the muscles are tightening and changing the shape of it. Unfortunately, it's going to cause me to look a bit heavier then general because of the subcutaneous fat that is still there. Though it's hard to see it this way, it is a good sign. With any luck I'll be able to avoid undergoing surgery to tighten the skin up.

As always, thank you all for reading. I greatly appreciate it.

P.S. I very nearly chickened out before I posted these videos.

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