Friday, May 24, 2013

What Happens When You Don't Do Your Mobility Work

Right, so yesterday was a bit rough. I made most of my lifts, except for my overhead press. It wasn't because I couldn't push the weight, I did 3 sets at 80 pounds. No, it's because my arm started to hurt very badly. The good thing about that is, however, that it's not an injury. It's because I forgot to do something that is extremely important when you are lifting heavy weights; mobility work.

Mobility work is something that helps your flexibility. Some of what you do is almost like a simpler form of yoga, but other things you have to get someone else to do for you, or to help you with. There are mobility work outs that help you open up your hip, increase your shoulders range of motion, and a lot of other things. The one that we failed to do that was detrimental to being able to do the overhead press was my shoulder mobility.

We know that it was the lack of mobility work because my husband grabbed a mat and did it right there in the gym. This caused a bit of concern from a few people that were up there. Apparently they went so far as to ask if they needed to call for an ambulance. Obviously, that was unnecessary. The mobility work did help me push the weight, but I still ended up missing on the last rep. So my press isn't changing from what it was last time.

Really, we need to be doing the work on all our off days for a while. That will make it less detrimental if, for some reason, we do miss a day. It will also help our mobility a lot more in the long run. Some of them I don't look forward to doing regularly, but it's necessary. If I really want this, if I really want to compete, then I have to do what's necessary.

Anyway, on to the numbers now! Again, on the overhead press I missed the last rep. I also failed to state that after I did the 3 sets at 80 pounds I had to drop the weight back down to 77.5 pounds. I see no reason, however, that I should not be able to go back up next time I do these. I also think I'll need to do that lat pull downs one more time at 100 before I can make the next jump.

Front Squats: 135x2x8
Overhead Press: 77.5x2x8
Dead Lift: 240x5x1
Lat Pull Down: 100x5x3

That's about it for now. Thank you all for reading.

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