Saturday, May 25, 2013

Anybody Need Help With Their Car?!

My training today went fairly well. We did discover that the weighted sit ups were being done wrong, so I had to alter that and discover what the right weight was again. It's not far off from what I had last time, though. I'm happy about that.

The only trouble I faced was that I couldn't get anyone to hold my feet. I absolutely cannot do a sit up if someone doesn't anchor my feet down. In lieu of someone holding them, though, I will try to use furniture. I used to use an entertainment center because the opening at the bottom was just big enough for my feet. Unfortunately, there isn't really anything at the YMCA that is as stable as that.

I managed to get one person to do it for one set, but that I had three. I ended up having to us a stand alone bench and I put a weight on top of it to help keep it down. Unfortunately, the opening at the bottom was larger then what I needed, so it still wasn't really stable. I think if I had been able to get someone to hold my feet that I could have done more weight. We'll see how it goes next time.

I also tried another 10 pound jump on my rows. They were a bit rough, though, so I'll probably end up doing the weight again to be on the safe side. No need to get greedy about my numbers and injure myself for it, right? Everything else went very well though.

After I got home it was time to help my husband with his training a bit. He has started to do Strong Man training, so it's diverged from my own. We can still get into the gym together, but on Saturdays the work he does is all stuff that he can do at home. Like pushing the car, or walking with a bag full of sand. It's rather brutal. I'm very proud of him for what he's doing, though.

Now, after he pushed the car down the road I got curious and decided to see if I could do it. Being as I had already trained before that, though, I didn't get as far as he did. I managed to sprint while pushing the car with him in it for 50 meters. I'm fairly proud of myself for that.

That's really all I have to say. Here's the numbers now. I'm more proud of the bench then anything else. This is the most I've ever pushed on a bench press, and I don't think I'll be slowing down anytime soon.

Squats: 215x2x8
Bench: 115x2x8
Row: 100x5x3
Weighted Sit Ups: 40x5x3

Thank you all for reading again! I really appreciate it.

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