Monday, August 19, 2013

Another Change is Coming

 So, it's come time for me to officially change my training. I'll post my numbers, or lack thereof for a couple of lifts, later as always. It's coming to a point where I need to do something else to help push my lifts further. I'm torn, though. I'm torn between going back to Strong Woman training, or moving on to the Texas Method.

For this week I'm just going to do a deload. This means I'm not going to try to increase anything, but just maintain while I decide what I want to do. The problem I'm running into with the sort of training I want to do from this point forward is that I'm not as certain of what I want to compete in as I had been at the start. The Olympic lifts look fun, but so does a lot of this stuff.

If anyone has a suggestion, or would like to give me advise on what they think I should move on to then I'm open to it. Either way, though, I will decide by next week so that I can get the ball rolling again. Thank you in advance for any suggestions that are made.

On a side note, I got a few comments on the numbers I pulled. That's always fun. One of the people I talked to competes in Power Lifting and said that my numbers were close to what he usually sees at the meets. Though, apparently there is one woman that lifts a lot more, and she's apparently been doing it since she was very young. I wish I had gotten her name so that I could look her up, but oh well. Maybe next time I see him I'll get it.

Alright, on to the numbers. I've missed my squats the past couple of times due to hitting my wall, and also likely because I didn't eat enough. I also missed my deadlifts. I'm not that surprised on that, though. My deadlifts and squats run pretty close together, so generally if I miss one I'm going to miss the other.

Squats: 227.5 Missed
Overhead Press: 80x3x5
Deadlift: Missed

Squats: 225 Missed
Bench: 117.5x3x5
Power Clean: 90x5x3

As always, thank you all for reading. I really appreciate it.

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