Sunday, August 4, 2013

A Couple of Days Behind

So, I didn't make the last blog as I should have, so this is going to include the numbers for two days. Everything is moving along fairly well, except for my squats. I hit a bit of a bump with those Saturday, so I'll have to do 225 over again. I also am likely going to have to drop down to 2.5 pound jumps on those for a little while until I'm finally forced to switch to the Texas method for them.

Anyway, there's not a lot to talk about other then the numbers. Everything it moving along well enough. My bench presses are going beautifully. I don't really have a lot to complain about other then not being able to make a 5 pound jump on my Power Cleans to bring it back up to 90 lbs. As long as it moves, though, then I'm happy enough.

I don't think that anything really notable happened. I suppose it's time to move on to the numbers now. Thank you all for reading. Here they are now.

Numbers from July 31st:
Squats: 220x3x5
Overhead Press: 77.5x3x5
Deadlift: 235x1x5

Numbers from August 3rd:
Squats: 225 (I was high on a few of these, and flat out missed the last one.)
Bench Press: 112.5x3x5
Power Cleans: 87.5x5x3

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