Friday, August 9, 2013

Another Day, Another Lift

Yesterday went alright so far at lifting goes. I missed my Overhead Press, but we sort of expected that. We need to get half pound plates so that I can make a jump every time, instead of every other time. We'll have those soon enough. I'll probably need them before to much longer on my bench press too.

I made everything else, and had some good conversations with a couple of regulars up there that I like. There was a group of people doing bench presses towards the end of my deadlifts. I talked to them a little bit, which only started because their math was off when they were trying to figure out the weight they were pushing. Two of them, a man and woman, said I was stronger then them because of what I was deadlifting for one of my warm up sets. The other was benching the same I was deadlifting.

When the woman with them did her bench presses, though, they put fairly light weight on it. Which is find, at least she was doing them. I almost said something, though, because one of the men with her guided it up and down the whole time. She commented that the first weight didn't feel heavy, and it took a lot for me not to say "Obviously you didn't, because he was doing a good portion of the work for you." I thought better of it, though.

Anyway, that's about all I'm going to rant over. Even if there were other things that made me shake my head. So, it's that time again. Time for me to post my numbers! Thanks for reading.

Squats - 225x3x5
Overhead Press - Missed
Deadlift - 240x1x5

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