Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Another Day, Another Awesome Training Session

There is something very liberating about being able to train out of your home. Our 6th wedding anniversary is coming up next week, which is the Iron anniversary. So, we sort of have a combined gift for one another not. We got a squat rack, barbell, plates and a bench. It's very fitting given the anniversary, and our training method. Especially since we have both come to love weight training.

So, for the last couple of days we were able to just train in our house. Since we started working with the new barbell, though, we have become increasingly certain that it's heavier then the one at the gym. Of course, we can't be completely certain of this without actually weighing both bars, though. We have our suspicions, but they'll have to remain just that.

Being able to train at home has been awesome, though. As I said in my last blog, we've decided to go with the Strong Man/Woman training. So we started that Monday. I'll be posting my numbers for both Monday and Tuesday, and then I'll post again after my next training day.

Seated Overhead Press: 85x2x1
Clean and Push Press: 90x2x1
Push Ups: 150

Back Squats: 225x2x5
Deficit Deadlifts: 205x3x1

For my back squats I actually did 235 for two reps, but I couldn't get it for more then one set unfortunately. Deficit Deadlifts are done by standing a little elevated from the ground. Though I couldn't do it for 3 reps, I did pull 215 this way for one. So I'm pretty happy with that. The weight I pulled for reps is still higher then what I did last time I did this training style.

Anyway, that's about all I have to post for today. Thank you all for reading.

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