Thursday, July 11, 2013

Beginning Again

Alright, so my husband and I have opted to restart the Strong Man training that we've been doing. We want to be able to do the same things together on the same day, instead of me being a month behind him. I also had a bad week, and was going to have to do the previous week of training again as a result due to a lack of sleep.

Anyway, my first two days of training went pretty well. Only one of my lifts was higher then when I started this, which was disappointing. Still, at least I didn't lose anything in the last week, which is good.

The first day was press day. We only had a couple of things we had to do that day, and it included dumbell clean and presses. That's the on that went up for me. Last time I did 35 pounds on it per arm. This time I was able to go up to 45 pounds. I was happy about that, but it's the only thing that has increased so far this week.

Tuesday we had squats and deadlifts. These remained what they were last time. Though, the deadlifts were deficit deadlifts, and I may have been able to increase it had I made a smaller jump towards the end. I was still able to do 225 pounds for it. I almost hit 235 pounds for reps, so I think if I had been 5 pounds lower that I would have gotten it.

That's it for the training so far this week, though. It's been an interesting week so far. I'm hoping that something else has gone up as well, but we'll just have to wait and see as the week progresses. Thank you all for reading!

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